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dance with those lions [userpic]
by dance with those lions (dance_the_dance)
at December 24th, 2009 (11:10 pm)

[01-21] stock/art: Christmas
[22-32] Leona Lewis
[33-45] Chronicles of Narnia
[46-55] The Island
[56-57] Scarlett Johansson
[58-64] Gabrielle Union
[65-72] Tinker Bell
[73-75] Full House
[76-79] Candace Cameron

more HERE at exclu_silly

sbullockrulz [userpic]
Gabrielle's new movie...Running With Scissors
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at October 23rd, 2006 (01:21 am)

Gabrielle will star alongside some greats this fall in the movie based on the novel called:

In the book, her character is a virgin/lesbian with long nails who gives the new dog some Nyquil to "calm it down" and is Annette Benning's lover in the film...here is how fantastic she looks:

Definitely a must see!

sbullockrulz [userpic]
Mrs. Smith
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at June 26th, 2006 (10:41 pm)

Gabrielle is playing the roll of Mrs. Smith (Angelina's spot) in the new Busta Rhymes video, "I Love My Chick." She, of course, does a great job, and the song is great too. Check it out at yahoo.com

sbullockrulz [userpic]
Uniondaily neglected....
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at March 10th, 2006 (06:29 pm)

...so I'm terrible at updating this blog so I will start posting pics if I don't have any recent news on her.

Here is the latests scoop on her that probably isn't in the magazines yet (at least, not that I've seen)...Gabrielle Union and Jamie Foxx have been spotted dating each other. Now that she is divorced, I'm sure her former co-star (from the great movie, Breakin' All The Rules) is comforting her.

sbullockrulz [userpic]
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at December 21st, 2005 (02:43 am)

I'm not sure what happened to Night Stalker...but it hasn't been on! I'm kinda looking forward to Gabrielle going back to movies anyway.

sbullockrulz [userpic]
Well, it's official....
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at November 1st, 2005 (06:59 pm)

current mood: sad

Gabrielle Union and Husband Split
Nov 1, 12:32 PM EST

The Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Gabrielle Union and her husband have separated after four years of marriage.

Union and Chris Howard announced the split in a statement released Monday by Lisa Kussell, the actress' publicist.

"The couple remains close and asks that you respect their privacy at this difficult time," the statement said.

Union, 32, married Howard, a former NFL running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, in 2001.

Her screen credits include roles in "The Honeymooners," "Bad Boys II" and "Deliver Us From Eva." Her upcoming film, "Running With Scissors," also stars Annette Bening, Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes.

Union stars in ABC's "Night Stalker," an "X-files"-like series about investigating crimes connected to the supernatural.

**This is so sad cause they made a really good couple. She was just talking about the day they met on Tony Danza's show last week.**

sbullockrulz [userpic]
Great wallpaper of Gabrielle....
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at October 24th, 2005 (06:11 am)

under the cut....

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many thanks to cat_o_wen for making this great wallpaper

Tiramisu [userpic]
Gabrielle Union's Bad Mood?
by Tiramisu (msloserrific)
at October 23rd, 2005 (02:11 am)

By Charlie Amter
Sat Oct 22,12:00 AM ET

So much for a happy birthday.


Gabrielle Union, who turns 32 on Oct. 29, has seen a scuttled party became a flashpoint between her high-powered PR firm and the owner of a hot Hollywood nightclub.

An email written by publicist Holly Shakoor of BWR Public Relations was quickly disseminated around Industry in-boxes Friday. In the missive, Shakoor, who represents the Bring It On actress, urges a boycott of Club Mood because of owner David Judaken's alleged racist comments targeted at Union--an episode akin to the infamous Hermes dissing of Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

"I think you should all be aware of an incident that occurred with my client Gabrielle Union and the owner of Mood," the message begins.

"Mood was going to host her birthday party which is a week away. Once the owner found out she was African American he not only cancelled her party but he proceed to say that he 'didnt' [sic] realize Gabrielle Union was black. I thought she was the white volleyball player. I don't want her kind of people in my club.'

"I want to make you all aware of this so you can discourage your celeb clients from going and also doing any events with him."

Judaken, reached via phone Friday, vigorously denied the account in the email, calling Shakoor's characterization of their discussion "completely false."

"All the statements written in her email are untrue," he said. "To say that this event was canceled over race or creed is hurtful and slanderous."

The South African-born owner of the flashy club says he is considering legal action against the Beverly Hills-based PR firm, saying his reputation may have already been damaged by the publicist's claims and the proposed boycott. "This has an immediate negative impact on my business," he said.

BWR, for its part, released a statement late Friday seemingly backing off the call for publicists to discourage celebrity clients from booking events at the hotspot. "The information you have received via email was inadvertently forwarded from an interoffice email," the statement says.

"The interoffice email was relaying third hand information that we received regarding a client. This email was sent within the office and not intended to be forwarded outside of the company. It by no means reflects our official position on this matter. We expect this matter to be amicably resolved between the parties concerned."

Meanwhile, Judaken's rep, Greg Rogers, suggested a mea culpa was in order, saying the club owner "and his legal counsel are dealing with Ms. Shakoor and her public statements made on behalf of BWR Public Relations. They expect both a timely public apology, as well as a complete retraction of these statements."

According to Judaken, the dust-up between Union's rep and the club stems from his decision to book another event at his club the night Union and BWR had set aside for the actress' birthday blow-out.

Judaken says he simply got a more lucrative offer from another party looking to do an event at the club on the same date. He claims the Union party was "never finalized in writing or otherwise."

He also says he recognized Union (and didn't confuse her with volleyball star/model Gabrielle Reece) and his decision had nothing to do with her race.

Caught in the middle, Union has not commented on the brouhaha over her birthday bash.

The Nebraska native, who was the first African-American love interest on NBC's Friends back in 1994, currently stars in ABC's supernatural drama Night Stalker. She's also set to appear with Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Running with Scissors, which is due in theaters next year.



sbullockrulz [userpic]
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at October 19th, 2005 (05:33 am)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

BAR AND ICON ARE COURTESY OF <lj user="math_d0rk"> aka <lj user="so_severus">


sbullockrulz [userpic]
The different looks of Gabrielle Union...picturography
by sbullockrulz (sbullockrulz)
at October 14th, 2005 (03:06 am)

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